Trio Discovery boxes



Taste and discovery is in our name and our DNA, which is why we created these discovery boxes, each comprised of four mini jars of unique flavours. A box to discover each of our specialties: zaatar condiments, tahini spreads, and the third: dry spices!

While we created these with Mother’s day in mind, there are many diverse ways to enjoy them: keep them all for yourself ass a treat that will last you weeks (or not!), or offer the gift of a tasting experience in a box to your favourite people for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

In the ‘tartinade’ box you’ll find:

  • tahini honey spread
  • tahini maple syrup spread
  • tahini date syrup spread
  • tahini raisin molasses spread

In the ‘condiment’ box you’ll find:

  • za’atar mix in olive oil, original
  • za’atar mix in olive oil,  maple syrup
  • za’atar mix in olive oil, spicy
  • za’atar mix in olive oil, Aleppo spices

In the ‘épices’ box you’ll find:

  • za’atar mix
  • Aleppo spices za’atar mix
  • Aleppo pepper
  • 7 Spices spice mix

We hope they delight you as much as they delighted us to create and package them :))


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